Inside My Mum’s Makeup Bag: Makeup Products

Some of you may remember the feature about the products that I’ve chosen for my Mum, and here are the products that she picked up herself.

The other day my Mum called me to tell that she had some important work events and she needed  some makeup products (she doesn’t use makeup on a daily basis). I told her that she could pick anything she wanted from my “collection”.

The thing is that I wasn’t home when she was at my place, and she had to choose everything herself. It was very overwhelming for her so she called me about three or four times, but here are the products that she  got.

Hourglass mascara Maybelline blush Urban Decay eye liner Lancome glossHourglass Film Noir mascara, she loved the  look of it. Good choice  & taste Mum, I am proud of you!  And she was actually pretty excited when I told her  that Hourglass is amazing.

Maybelline  blush in Peach Satin.  I am not sure if you can still get it.  Also, I am not sure why she got this blush, as it is not the best shade for her, and I told her several times which colours suit her!  But I am pleased that she had at least something  because I told her that she had to get  a blush.

Lancome Juicy Tubes.  When it comes to makeup – lipstick is probably the only products that she does wear and I even got her some lipsticks in the past. So I was surprised to see that Mum picked up a sheer gloss. I let her keep it, hopefully she will use it!

Mum was terrified when I told her to get some eye shadows and  brushes because, according to her, she didn’t know which ones to choose and how to use everything. I did insist that she would pick a brown pencil, at least. Somehow she  picked mini Urban Decay’s Stash which is not brown, plus she never  used it, as didn’t know how.  And yes, I showed her how to do eye makeup several times!


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