Inside My Mum’s Makeup Bag. Products I Have Chosen

My Mum doesn’t wear makeup. Only lipstick sometimes. But recently she decided to change her hair style, got some new clothes and asked me if I could select some makeup for her.

Wow! I definitely approve ūüėČ

Makeup for my Mum Daniel Sandler Max Factor YSL Clarins BECCA

She has light skin, dark hair and eyes, so here are the basics that I have chosen. She doesn’t need that many products simply because she won’t even use them – so, knowing her taste and requirements, here is what I’ve chosen:


I am  not yet 100% sure about the foundation that will suit her the best. So far she liked this Bourjois one (shown on the photo). But if  you have suggestions for a lady around 50 with dry skin, feel free to share. And thanks to everyone on Twitter for their recommendations!

Blush is a must have in a makeup bag of any girl, in my opinion, as it instantly changes the appearance. This Max Factor blush is one of my personal favourites and I know that it will look great on her, too. Will have to pick up another one soon, as I am giving away my personal one.


My Mum doesn’t mind a ¬†wash of colour on her lids, so ¬†Daniel Sandler palette in Sheer Beauty would be perfect for her. I may get her grey and brown eye pencils in the future. But right now I don’t think that she will be using those. I did put BECCA’s¬†Line + Illuminate Pencil in Belize in her makeup bag just in case though.

And, of course, mascara! I have decided to give her the Illamasqua one, as it gives ¬†nice volume and length for the lashes and that’s what every woman wants.


Cool toned pinks and reds would suit my Mum’s colouring and skin tone the best. So I will ¬†just pick up some from my collection for her to keep. So far I ¬†have chosen: Carmex, Clarins and YSL.


4 thoughts on “Inside My Mum’s Makeup Bag. Products I Have Chosen”

  1. Aww how cool of your mom! I think if shes up for it, the serum infused sort of foundations would be great for her. Like Giorgio Armani Maestro or Teint Visionnaire

  2. Well in my case I use to pick a color for my mom cause i know what’s best for her looks and skin too. And we both enjoyed it..It’s one of our special bonding moments.

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