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Inspiration of May: Leighton Meester aka Blair Waldorf

As you know, every month I blog about women that inspire me. This month please meet my girl crush – Leighton Meester.

I  LOVE this girl! And not only her but also Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl. She and Chuck are the reason why I watch the show (and I know that I am not alone here). But it would be better for me not to continue, lol. I can be easily carried away telling you how much I love this couple.

I guess no matter how old we are we all, well, almost all (I am talking about females here) have  some kind of a crush. Some love Twilight, some Carrie and Big, some  Potter and I love Chuck and Blair! Ok, enough of it…

Back to Leighton/Blair, Did I tell you how much I love them both?!Did I ?

It was so hard to choose the photos for the post because I have hundreds ( yes, I am serious). I save them for makeup and style inspiration!

This is probably my favourite photo of Leighton.

She looks amazing with the cat eyes

Love the wavy hair and the makeup

Blair is amazing, one of my fav characters ever

Leighton looks gorgeous and it seems that she can pull off every kind of colour

Beautiful Blondie

So elegant, love the style

And.. I just can’t help myself! I must post some Chuck and Blair photos, right?


From Elle Korea, I love all the photos from the set

And this photo is soooo adorable

Looks like as if this post was written by my younger sister ( and I don’t have one). But well, I just get very emotional when I really like something hahaha

Anyone wants to chat about Leighton/Blair? Do you love her as much as I do?  And Chuck and Blair of course! I’d love to read Gossip Girl comments , too. Have you see the last episode of season 3? What do you think? I read that everything is gonna be ok and season 4 will start in Paris with B, S and C!!!

xoxo lol

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