Integra Eyeshadows by Inglot. Review and Swatches


You are looking for pigmentet eyeshadows that are gonna stay on your eyes during the whole day? Then you should try Inglot. I like a lot of products from this company and I already reviewed their lipstick and highlighter.

But back to the shadows. I have several different shadows by Inglot. But today I will tell you about  Integra (#62). I have to say the that they are just great! There are 3 colors so you won’t need any other shadows to create the look.

I was wearing these shadows on my BFF wedding day. She wanted  me to wear lavender pink dress. And I used  Integra shadows  which stayed on my eyelids  for the whole day and I forgot to put a base before using it. The color did not fade or crease. I also want to say that Inglot has a lot of great colours so you can peak what you want for sure!

I am sorry but I don’t remember the price and Inglot website is not working right now.


2 thoughts on “Integra Eyeshadows by Inglot. Review and Swatches”

  1. hi, Marce.
    I don’t like such colours, too. I’ve used these shadows only 2 or 3 times. But Inglot has so many colours that everyone can get something they want. And I have some other colors which I love!
    Thank you about Sonya, I try not to think about her 🙁

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