Intimate Feminine Washes. Is It a Necessity?

I have to admit that, just like everyone else, I am often heavily influenced by advertising. Hence my love for the intimate washes. As I’ve bought yet another bottle I’ve decided to go on a quest and find out what my close girlfriends think about it, and, even more importantly, my gynecologist.

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Interestingly enough, all of my girlfriends said that they do not use a separate product, and never saw the need for it, they usually use the regular shower gel or a soap.

But what did my doctor say? And let me tell you that finding a good gynecologist is crucial, and you have to trust her (could never be him for me personally) 100%. I was told that the best product to use is actually a creamy soap. She did not name any names, so I had to ask if she meant something like Dove, so she agreed that it is a good option.

In fact, here is a list of  the ingredients of not the cheapest intimate wash out there. Can you see how Sodium Laureth Sulfate is the third ingredient? So why does it matter what comes after?!

I also wanted to mention that my doctor was horrified that a lot of women do not know how to wash their bits apparently. You do not wash inside just the outside. And you always clean your bum properly. She was telling me how from her experience, and  from the experience of her colleagues, a lot of women have problems because they wash “inside” and do not clean other areas well enough.

That may be just too much information for some, and I am aware of that. But beauty is not only lipsticks and not only inner beauty, it is also a properly cleaned vag [Yes, I really did use that word.], or that area rather.

So will I give up my intimate washes I’ve been using for years? Maybe not. But I will look for a natural one, with just “the right” ingredients.

And one last thing, as I was writing this feature I have noticed that now there are also male intimate washes on the market. I may have gotten one as a joke. The best present ever, hello.

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