Intimina Lily Cup Compact Review

I’ve posted about the Intimate Feminine Washes not a long time ago (here),  and following up, here is a feature on the menstrual cup.

My girlfriends and I discussed it for a few times in details and I wanted to try one for a while so when Intimina contacted me I was more than happy to trial their Lily Cup (Compact).

This all reminded me of my early teenage years when I was carefully reading the tampon instructions! Lily Cup comes with a helpful booklet with all the information you can possibly need to know.

The one I have is size A which is for women who did not give birth or have given birth by cesarean.

It is also, as I’ve mentioned, a compact cup which is created for low and medium flows. Intimina promise up to 12 hours of non-stop protection. And you can easily carry it with you in the case it comes with, very convenient.

The cup is made out of 100% medical grade silicone. And it is easy to use. There are detailed illustrations and tips on the website. And I will just say, without getting into too many details, that it is easy to insert and remove. I did not have any problems, and I’ve used it for a few months before writing this feature.

And, to be honest,  I personally did not find it gross to get it out and clean it. Such things do not bother me, while I do understand that maybe not everyone would feel comfortable doing it. A few of my girlfriends admitted that could never try a cup. 

I did not have any leaking problems, but  I do not get a heavy period. I am sure everyone will be fine if they remove it on time, just like you would with a tampon. I am sure you know your body.

I think this cup would work great for women who want to:

  • Save money. The price is £24.95 so you end up saving since you won’t have to buy pads and tampons.
  • Care for the environment, and want to make eco-friendly choices.
  • Simply want to try something new. And why not?

You can buy it from Planet Organic, Amazon UK and from Amazon

I also wanted to mention that the brand just recently launched the Ziggy cup which can be used during sex.  And I personally think it is great that women have a choice these days.

And lastly, I wanted to share about the new Cult Beauty campaign. The #Vulvalution. 
I was  browsing the website for about an hour yesterday reading about the products and the interviews. And while I personally would not be spraying myself with an Intimate Coconut Spray, there are a few things that I would love to try. You know, just why not?   It is not that you have to use a cream or serum on your intimate areas but it’s great that you can/have what to choose from should you wish to do so, and I am all up for that.

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