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January 2013 Beauty Favourites

I used to write about my monthly favourites back in 2009, I think, but somehow stopped doing that. So I thought why not giving it another go in 2013?

So here is the list of my January 2013 Favourites and this time I’ve chosen only makeup, not to make a huge list. But next time I will probably add some of my beauty favourites, too. What do you think?

So here we go…


If I could choose only one favourite product of January – that would be Clarins Gloss Prodige in 09 Water Lily which is now my favourite lip gloss!  It is  hydrating, smoothing and looks  beautiful on the lips. And it smells delicious, too.


Another product from Clarins would be their Beauty Flash Balm which is a must have for me in winter months, it makes my face look polished and brings back the glow. I also like how the foundation applies afterwards.

Speaking of foundation –  my top pick would be Rouge Bunny Rouge Tinted Moisturizer Sketches on Water. If you have dry skin, I would totally recommend, it blends into the skin and looks very natural without enhancing any dry patches, I love it!

I had to choose two blushes as I couldn’t pick one. They are BECCA’s Cream Blush in Amaryllis and Rouge Bunny Rouge Blush Wand in Rubens (will write about it soon, I promise). Both are fantastic for AW months.


And as for the eyes, I have been using my shu uemura’s eye lash curlers every day, I can see a huge difference. I don’t know why I have bought these only several years ago.

It terms of mascara, I have been reaching for my Dior New Look one a lot.

On the photo above you can see the swatches of BECCA, RBR and Clarins.

And what did you like using this January? Any new discoveries?

PS. I remember that I still have to write about my favourite makeup products of 2012…

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