January 2017 Beauty Favourites

It’s like only yesterday I was writing about my favourite makeup products of 2016, and today I am already sharing about the favourites of the first month of 2017. Where did time go?

And it feels like I am talking about the same things over, and over again but I do love those products. However, I did discover some new gems this month.


REN  Rose O12 Moisture Defence Oil (from Cult Beauty, Feel UniqueLook Fantastic and  SEPHORA).

This is definitely my favourite oil of the moment, it works even for my extremely dry skin type, saves it from being flaky and itchy, and smells amazing.  Finally, a product I love as much, as my other REN Holy Grail.

J. R. Watkins Shea Butter Hand Cream (from Amazon)

My fried got this one in America, and she told me how this is a very rich and nourishing cream, and it is. While some people find such textures to be too much for their taste, I am a big fan, the cream leaves the  skin ridiculously soft and smooth. And smells of honey and coconuts.

Carmex Moisture Lip Balm (from Amazon)

Another present, this time from my lovely Farrah. This product does not need an introduction, it is a cult favourite for a reason. I personally love the slightly tingling sensation, and how it makes my lips lipstick-ready even in winter.

CND Solar Oil (from Amazon)

In the last several months I did not have time to go and get a pro manicure, so I have been doing it myself, and this oil is all kinds of wonderful, it conditions and moisturises the nails and the cuticle, and a little goes a long way. I’ve had my tiny bottle for months now, and I am only half way through.


I still can’t live without my shu uemura eye lash curlers  (review) and I am obsessed  with Givenchy Noir Couture Mascara in Brown Satin (review) it makes the lashes long and full, and how happy I am that I’ve accidentally picked up a brown shade.

Only recently I was talking with a friend about how we haven’t been wearing red lipsticks (she is also a fan) lately but things definitely changed in January. I have re-discovered my love for the Lancome’s  L’Absolu Rouge in 160 Rouge Hypnose (review). The brand recently re-launched  this line, so I am not sure if 160 Rouge Amour is the same shade or not…

And, of course, my beloved Max Factor Cerise nail polish. I have bought a third bottle this month, and that says it all. I am actually now reading Dita Von Teese’s beauty book  (buy it here) now, and I plan on checking the red nail polishes she recommends.

Finally, face wise, I have been loving three products. Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation (mine is in 02 Fair) which was also given to me by a third friend.  She likes her foundations to give higher coverage and I, on the other hand, like very light coverage. And Wonder Glow is perfect in terms of that! You can still see the texture of your skin but the complexion looks glowy and more even. I also like how it works for my very dry skin type, and does not enhance the dryness, like most foundations.

The other two won’t be a surprise, at all. I  have mentioned them both about a million times already. Inglot Sculpting HD Powder in 504 (review) which is a great shade for creating definition on a light cool-toned skin tones and Daniel Sandler Rose Glow and Golden Glow Watercolour Blushes  (review and swatches) for adding that sun-kissed glow which looks really natural thanks to the light, water based formula.

I also want to mention my Bodhi yoga mat which I’ve bought on the 30th December and used every single day ever since, it is so beautiful, and practical at the same time.

And, yes, I should really write about my favourite beauty products of 2016, as I’ve promised, otherwise, I will forget just like it was with the 2015’s.

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