Japonesque Breast Cancer Awareness Month Sets. Review and Photos

October is a Breast Cancer Awareness month and I did post about some beauty launches (Bobbi Brown, Origins, Elemis) that support the case on my Facebook page.

I also posted about the  Japonesque  sets that were released to support the case. There are five sets and I was given three of them to show you. When you purchase any of the following products or  kits, £1 will be donated to Breast Cancer Awareness Research.

I have:

Japonesque Pink Heated Mini Lash Curler (£12.50).

This is actually my favourite product. I did not have heated lush curlers, only shu uemura’s, so was a bit nervous to try. But there was no need to be afraid.  I use them after mascara and hold for several seconds. They do not ‘burn’ your lashes and it’s not really hot actually. And the results are great and long-lasting.

This is actually a great product to have and now I recommend it to my friends. Plus I think the price is great!

Japonesque Brush Set Touch Up Tube Pink (£16.95). You get a foundation brush, a lip brush, two eye detailers and blush/powder brush.

I am actually a huge fan of Japonesque brushes and I use them on myself and on other people, I think the quality is fantastic. However, this kit is not as good, as the other brushes. They are not so soft and don’t perform as good. But of course, you could not get a set of fantastic five brushes for under £20.

After all, this is a set for travelling, so for this purpose it is handy. But I would not use these on a daily basis. I would recommend saving and investing in individual brushes from the brand.

Japonesque Manicure Set – Pink (£20): Tweezers, Nail Clipper, Nail Nippers, Nail & Cuticle Scissor, Combination Nail File, Nail Grooming Tool and Nail Scoop

Believe it or not, but for my manicure I usually only use scissors, crystal glass nail file and apricot stick so I hardly ever use  my manicure sets.

I have used the scissors and the clippers from this set for several weeks and I did like the way they perform. I also liked the tweezers, have used them for several times, as well.

I actually think this would make a fantastic gift, it does look gorgeous, and, may I add, expensive (I’d say it looks like it costs more than £20). In fact a lot of my friends asked me about it when they saw it.

You can also get a Go Curl Pocket Lash Curler Pink (£10) and Japonesque Brow Kit (£21, it looks amazing).


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