Japonesque Pro Eye Detailer, Pro Eye Shadow Crease, Pro Eyeliner Brushes and Lashes Review and Photos

Japonesque launched their products at HQhair.com and I was given three eye brushes and a pair  of eye lashes to show you.

The brushes that I have are: Pro Eye Detailer Brush – Medium (£14.75),  Pro Eye Shadow Crease Brush (£12.75) and Pro Eyeliner Brush (Flat), (£10.50). The lashes I have are called Extra Flair (£8.15).

I haven’t tried these (dramatic) eye lashes yet but  they look like a quality ones and come with a glue.

As for the brushes, here is how Japonesque suggest using their brushes:

And here is my impression:

Pro Eye Detailer Brush – Medium 

This is a soft brush that I love using for packing on powder or cream eye shadows and, as it is medium sized, it allows  a more precise application. I also love it for applying  shadows just in the corner of the eyes.

Here is how it looks like compared to MAC’s 239.

 Pro Eye Shadow Crease Brush

The name basically speaks for itself, this is a great brush for doing crease work and for blending out the eye shadow. Soft but dense enough, just perfect.

Here it is compared to Japonesque Traval crease brush BP – 832

  Pro Eyeliner Brush (Flat)

This is the most unique brush out of all three. I did not have a similar brush to compare it with. It is very firm and allows you to create the eyeliner you want. I have used it with a gel liner and wet eye shadows. I have also used it on the waterline. It works great for those purposes, you just need to get used to it.

The other brush in the photo is Sigma’s waterline Liner E17 which has a similar shape but it much smaller, as you can see.

These brushes are definitely a nice addition my my collection.


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