Jo Loves Mango Fragrance Collection Review

I was very excited about the opportunity to try Jo Malone’s (the lady, not the brand) fragrance creations which are a part of her new brand JO LOVES.

So far there are eight scents to choose from and I have them all. I have been wearing them for some time now, thinking about the associations I have and asking other people about their thoughts… So it’s time to share my experinece and I will start with the Mango Collection.

Mango Nectar

It is a sweet fruity and juicy fragrance; it definitely smells like mango and apricots, I almost want to eat it. It makes me think of warm summer days, white dresses, long walks near the river and tasty deserts. I’d say this would be a great fit for young dreamy girls or ladies that like sweet fruity scents.

  • Top: Bitter Orange, Pink Grapefruit, Mango Leaf
  • Heart: Mango Nectar, Apricot Blossom
  • Base: Jasmine, Musk

A Shot Of Oud Over Mango

I really loved this one and got a lot of compliments when I was wearing it. It is warm and feminine fragrance. I did not try that many oud fragrances, but this one is my favourite so far. It is not as sweet, as Mango Nectar but you can still smell the mango pretty clearly. At the same time it’s comforting and sensual, in a way. It is just perfectly balanced, well done, Jo! I’ll probably have to get a bottle, as a treat for myself later.

  • Top: Mango, Black Pepper
  • Heart: Freesia
  • Base: Oud Wood Accord

A Shot Of Thai Lime Over Mango

I’d think that this scent could work as a unisex one. Of course, not all men would like it, as you can definitely smell mango but I can picture it on a young confident boy in his 20’s. In fact, I did ask my younger brother to try it and, although he was unsure about it at first, liked it in the end. So did his friends (think boys and girls 20-25). I actually just read the Jo herself describes the scent as “clean and cologne-like”.

I quite like it on myself, as well, Lime notes add zesty and uplifting touch to the scent, I loved using it in the mornings, especially, and for a pick-me-up refreshments during the day.

  • Top: Mango, Kaffir Lime, Black Pepper
  • Heart: Freesia, Mint Leaves
  • Base: White Thyme Absolute, Vetiver

So, as you can see, I really like all three fragrances, they are right up my street. The composition is not very complicated and overpowering (which I hate in some perfumes) but at the same time sophisticated and not boring. I only wish the scent would stay on my skin for a longer time.

I will definitely write about other five fragrances in the future, as well. So stay tuned!

The price is £45/£95 for 30ml/100ml and you can get all the products from Jo Loves website, they do ship to different counties, too.


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