Jo Malone Just Like Sunday Home Candles Collection

I absolutely love the promo photos of the Jo Malone’s Just Like Sunday Home Candles Collection.

There are four different fragrances and they all should fit a Sunday really well, I like the idea of all four, especially the sound of Incense & Embers and Lavender & Lovage.

A1 103.tifEach candle is 200gr and retails for £39/$65, the scent are:

Green Tomato Leaf Home Candle

Glasshouse tomatoes. Earthy, leafy and full of sunshine. Crisp with stem-green galbanum. Lively with artemesia, fruity with cassis, resting on a cushion of moss. Tangy and evocative

 Incense & Embers Home Candle

Curls of smoky incense. Brightened with silver fir and white pepper. Sensual with napa leather on a base of elegant vetiver and golden amber. Contemplative and relaxing.

 Sweet Almond & Macaroon Home Candle

Delectable macaroon. A comforting confection of sweet almond and creamy coconut. Rich with cherries. Softened by vanilla. Warm and cocooning.

 Lavender & Lovage Home Candle

Crisp, white sheets. The comfort of lavender linen…clean and relaxing. Laced with the aniseed twist of garden lovage. Deepened with herbaceous rosemary and thyme. Calm and aromatic.

2 thoughts on “Jo Malone Just Like Sunday Home Candles Collection”

  1. I’m really not a fan of Jo Malone fragrances (they just don’t work well with my skin chemistry), although I do like a couple of their fragrances. Lavender and Lovage is the only one I’d be interested in trying from this collection. Do you like any other kind of home fragrances? Have you ever tried or wanted to try Antica Farmicista?

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