July 2015 Beauty Favourites

Finally, the craziest months work-wise are behind, and I will have more time for important things in life, like beauty (ha!), catching up on the series that I am watching, reading books, and my friends.

Here are the products I have been loving in July. And, although, I have mentioned some of them so many times, there are also some new additions.

July 2015 Beauty Favourites Makeup4allMakeup

Just like last month, I have been using  Rouge Bunny Rouge Flawless Face Powder Precious Velvet (review) non-stop. It is a gorgeous light powder which sets the makeup, perfects the skin and looks really natural on.

Shadows wise, I am sure this won’t be a surprise at all to see Solstice Halcyon (review and swatches) yet again because I simply adore that eye shadow, and also  Kiko’s Water Eye shadow in 202 which is a gorgeous brownish purple with golden shimmer, this beauty deserves a feature, so stay tuned.

For some reason, lately I haven’t been that much into red and berry lips, so it was about rosewood Clarins which I promise to post about soon, as it is a perfect nude, if you ask me, and L’Oreal Glam Shine in Dazzle 201 Sparkle Shower (review and lip swatches) which gives that oh-so-pretty sparkle in the sun and feels amazing on the lips.

Skincare and Body Care

As for skincare, I have been writing about these two products non-stop now, so I am definitely posting detailed reviews in August. And I am talking about Balance Me Radiance Face Oil and Ella Bache Vitamin Radiance Cream. Yes, the word “radiance” is the key here, I have been exhausted and stressed out over the last several  months, so these two made a huge difference in the way my skin looked, you do get what is promised.

I have been meaning to get La Roche Posay Redermic R retinol eye cream for some time now. Maybe it is placebo effect but I like to think that I am already seeing some benefits from it, and I have been using it for less than a month. Anyway, I will keep you posted on this one.

I adore Lush Rose Jam shower gel  (review) which has a strong rose jam (yes, it is exactly that) scent to it.  I got a small bottle some time ago but this is a  250 ml which is my second one. I did not use it in a while, so it was nice to be reminded how amazing it is.  Not only you smell of roses for some time afterwards but it also doesn’t dry out the skin. This is a rose-lover dream-came-true-in-a-bottle!

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