June 2016 Beauty Favourites

It’s time for  June’s favourites, and somehow this time it is all about Clarins. I have bought quite a few products from the brand and have been sent some samples, and most products were incredible. After all it is one of my favourite brands for a reason. There are also two beauty tools, self tanning drops and bath salts.

Here we go.

June 2016 Beauty Favourites makeup4all


Let’s start with makeup, as there are only two products that really stood out to me. Technically three, but two are the same product just different shades. Clarins Blush & Bronzing Compact  (review and swatches) my love for this bronzer is still going strong. Now that I have a tan it looks amazing on, warms up the complexion and adds some definition.

As for the Clarins Waterproof Eyeshadow Shimmering Cream Colour (review and swatches) they are phenomenal, as I’ve already said. Extremely long-lasting and incredibly beautiful on the eyes. Just make sure you don’t apply too much, as they can look a bit dry. I’ve been wearing  03 Silver Taupe at the end of May and beginning of June when I still had a very pale complexion but now  04 Copper Brown is my favourite. It looks perfect now, am I a bronze goddess already?

June 2016 Beauty Favourites makeup4all makeup

Body Products

June was a very stressful month with some serious deadlines so I really enjoyed a bath whenever I had time for one. I’ve been obsessed with lavender bath salts, not any particular brand. I have been just buying whichever I could, pictured below are some random ones I’ve bough in one of those “healthy lifestyle” stores.

I have been also obsessed with the coffee scrubs (as seen here). There are so many good options to choose from, I prefer oil based ones.

After a good scrubbing and a bath – it was all about fake tanning. I have been loving Clarins Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster  (review) as you can mix it with any body cream or lotion, the results are really natural and even. And is there a better way to make your fake tan look beautiful other than adding some shimmering body oil? Yes, Clarins (review) again, you’ve been warned. You can actually read my “Summer Ready Body” feature here.

June 2016 Beauty Favourites makeup4all body care

Hair Products, Face Products and Beauty Tools

And the last Clarins products I want to talk about are their new Boosters (review), I have been enjoying adding several drops of the Energy one  to make my skin glow and Repair when I have been away for several days at the seaside.

I’ve had a very dramatic hair style change, I  even had a bit of my hair shaved off. I’ve wanted to do it for ages and finally did! Color Wow Pop & Lock Crystallite Shellac (review) is one of the coolest hair styling product that I own, and it has been a great helper in adding some shine and gloss to my hair, as if I’ve just left a hair salon.

As for the beauty tools, I have been loving two this month.  Finally bought new pads for my shu uemura curlers  (review) (I’ve bought the shiseido ones), and have been using them non stop ever since.

FOREO Luna Play in Petal Pink (as seen here) is an awesome little gadget that leaves the skin incredibly smooth and soft; I promise to write a detailed review on all the FOREO products I have in the future.

June 2016 Beauty Favourites makeup4all hair and face

And what have you been loving this month?

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