Kind Natured Body Care For Dry and Very Dry Skin Review

Kind Natured, an affordable  natural brand (it is promised that the products are free of Sulphates, Parabens and Petrochemicals; and are 97% natural in general) brought out two new lines recently, and I was kindly sent some products to try out.

Two new ranges are:

  • Shea & Macadamia  – described as deeply nourishing  and formulated for very dry skin.
  • Coconut & Monoi – described as moisturising and formulated for normal and dry skin

Each line has three products so far: Foaming Sugar Scrub (£5.99), Body Lotion (£5.99) and a Hand Cream (£4.99).

So what are my thoughts?

First of all, I think it was a clever idea to bring out the scented products at this time of year when we all are a bit tired of the cold months and crave the sun. Both lines have that sweet exotic scent, and make me personally think of a summer holiday and cocktails on the beach, they are like a summer-in-a-bottle. Although the scents are pretty strong they are not like some of those chemically overpowering ones.

As for the products themselves, I did like using all of them but my favourite is definitely  the body scrub, it leaves the skin silky smooth, and together with a body lotion – they are like a power couple, you can instantly see and feel the difference.

I have actually made (ok, asked) a very skeptical male friend to try both body scrub followed by a body lotion on his hands, and it was funny to see how impressed he was with the results. And all those “My skin is so soft, I can’t believe it”  phrases were very cute. Good thing he will never see this article.

Overall, I would definitely recommend you checking out this brand, if you like natural, vegan-friendly products that don’t cost a fortune. I am now curious about the Rosemary and Mint Shampoo and  the Amber and Pink Pepper and Sea Salt and Bergamot lines, as they sound like the scents I would enjoy. And considering that these products do work, I reckon, I won’t be disappointed.

Kind Natured products are available from Boots.

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