Lancome Deluxe Brushes Set. Review and Photos

In November I wrote about my order from Chanel and Lancome and I already made a review about my Chanel set so now it’s time to review Lancome Deluxe  Brush Set ($59). It includes 5 brushes in a makeup bag which you can see on the photo:

What is written about the brushes:


If you are wondering why you can see only 4 brushes on the photo you should know that I am thinking about the same. One brush was lost on  it’s long way to mama so I’ve got only 4.  But what about the rest of the brushes? Here is the photo and my review

I have to say that I really love the Powder Brush (#1) which is big and soft, it is absolutely amazing! I did not like the Foundation Brush(#2) at first but now I’ve used to it but still it’s not my fav foundation brush ever.

As for eye brushes they are also nice but I like my MAC brushes much better. Unfortunately I will never know if #12 is really an ideal partner for my Lancome eye shadows (and I have 9).

The conclusion?

I really hate the fact that this makeup bag is not closing the proper way so things can be lost (my #12 brush is the best prove). And, although these brushes are nice,  I can’t say that they are my favourite.

But this set is so pretty that you just don’t care about everything else. And this is actually the reason why I got it! So if you have extra $60)) and want to get some beautiful brushes – this set is perfect for you. But if you are looking for something more practical – you should get yourself  MAC.

And what do you think? If you have any questions bout the brushes you are welcome to ask them 🙂

Buy Lancome from Selfridges or Nordstrom 

4 thoughts on “Lancome Deluxe Brushes Set. Review and Photos”

  1. Mary,
    I am upset but there is nothing I can do 🙁

    I usually use fingers on myself, but I always use brush on others.

    I remember that you really wanted this set but now you can see that you can live without it 😉

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