Lancome Makeup Collection for Summer 2015

Here is a preview  of Lisa Eldridge’s makeup collection for Lancome. And I am personally very happy to see cream blushes, as when she asked what products the brand should bring out – I was one of those who voted for them.

I am sure that Lisa will re-vamp Lancome a bit and will make it more modern. As, although their products are amazing (among my personal favourites) – they are not always the first ones that come to mind.

Lancome Makeup Collection for Summer 2015 promo

So here is a preview of the collection. And I am very happy to see Daria Werbowy on the promo. If you follow me on Pinterest – you know that I am slightly obsessed with her.

BLUSH SUBTIL CRÈME Light-Weight Cream Blush, $24
01 Coral Alize, 2 Brise Rosee, 3 Rouge Mistral

Lancome Makeup Collection for Summer 2015 cream blush

OMBRE HYPNOSE STYLO Cream Eyeshadow Stick, $27

13 Azur Mediterranee, 14 Corail Dore, 15 Bronze Falaise

COLOR DESIGN 6 PAN PALETTE Reflets Méditerranée 110, $51

Six matte and metallic eye shadows, gold, bronze and blues.

Lancome Makeup Collection for Summer 2015 eyes

BELLE DE TEINT, Luminous Bronzer, $42.50

This seems like an interesting product, and I will include the official description:”Belle de Teint is a silky, smooth bronzer that adds instant color, shimmer and healthy glow to skin. A specialist of healthy glow & healthy skin, Belle de Teint can be used on your face or all over your body to enhance your summer glow. ”

I actually wonder if these are similar to the Chanel’s Le Beiges.

120Belle Dete, 03, 04 (not shown), 06 and 08.

Lancome Makeup Collection for Summer 2015 belle de teintL’ABSOLU ROUGE SHEER, $30.50

500 Corail Alize, 510 Brise Rosee, 520 Rouge Mistral

JUICY TUBES Ultra Shiny Lipgloss, $18

140 Corail Neo Neon, 141 Rose Neo Neon, 142 Rouge Neo Neon,

Lancome Makeup Collection for Summer 2015 lipsVERNIS IN LOVE, $15.50

150 Corail Neo Neon and 112B Rouge in Love

Gel-Like Top Coat

Lancome Makeup Collection for Summer 2015nails

So far this collection is available from Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman.

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