Lancome Ultra Lavande Makeup Collection for Spring 2011

I really like this 70’s inspired Ultra Lavande Spring 2011 makeup collection by Aaron de Mey for Lancome.

I absolutely love the blush and the pastel pink and lavender lip glosses. I also love the lavender mascara  and the glitter lavender top coat sounds interesting.  I’d love love myself a purple eye khol and nail polish…

To tell the truth I love everything in this collection.Well done, Aaron!

By the way, it is Julia Restoin Roitfeld on the promo photo.

Butterflies Fever Blush,£32.50/$40

Ombre Magnetique, £23.50/$25

  • Disco Gold
  • Disco Silver
  • Ultra-Lavande

Color Fever Gloss, £18/$26

  • Beige Ballerine
  • Lavander Ballerine
  • Rose Ballerine

Le French Touch Absolu, £23.50/$35

  • Lily Rose
  • Daisy Rose
  • Berry Rose

Ombre Absloue Minerale,£32.50

  • Ultra Lavande Warm Harmony
  • Ultra Lavande Cold Harmony

Khol Eyeliner, £15.50

  • Pink Ballerina
  • Ultra Lavande

Artliner Gel Eyeliner,£20

  • Ultra Lavande

Hypnose Drama Mascara, £20.50/$25

  • Disco Lavande Top Coat
  • Ultra-Lavande

Le Vernis (mini), £12

  • Disco Silver
  • Ultra-Lavande

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