Laura Mercier Bonne Mine Face Stick Colors and Body Bronzer

When I first saw Laura Mercier’s Bonne Mine palette – I knew that it had to be mine. Unfortunately, it was sold out everywhere, so I had to ask my friend to ship it to me from California (where she was able to find one).

Laura Mercier Bonne Mine Face Stick Colors and Body Bronzer summer 2014

And this week the brand released four Bonne Mine Face Stick Colors, $32 each. (or £26 from Harrods)

The shades are: Bronze Glow, Peach Glow, Coral Glow and Pink Glow.

According to Laura Mercier, these should give that “no-makeup makeup” look, just a beautiful glowing skin. And who doesn’t want that?

Summer is almost here, so we want our body to have a gorgeous glow, too.  This is where the new (LE) Radiance Baked Body Bronzer, $55 ( £or 42.50 from Harrods) will be very helpful. Hello beautiful decolleté, shoulders, arms and legs!

By the way, for that you can also try Daniel Sandler’s  Billion Dollar Body Shimmer.



3 thoughts on “Laura Mercier Bonne Mine Face Stick Colors and Body Bronzer”

  1. Hi, I just purchased a week ago on line at Nordstroms the Laura Mercier Coral Glow stick but haven’t received it as of yet.
    I can not wait to see what it looks like on. I was going to wait for reviews and swatches but no such luck so I took a chance and ordered it if I love it I might try the peach glow or the Bronze glow.
    Thanks for posting the photos.

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