Le Metier De Beaute Bauhaus Holiday 2012 Makeup Collection

This holiday season  Mikey Castillo was inspired by the Bauhaus, a German crafts and the fine arts school. Their approach was taught and publicized.

There is a signature Le Mnetier De Beaute’s eye kaleidoscope  (£75/$95). The shades are:

  • Axiome, subtle bronzed umber
  • Graphic, rilver liquid metal
  • Crucible, rich pomegranate
  • Genre, deep gun metal

There are also four nail polishes, not your usual reds and golds, but something more interesting.


  • Moons Glow, a golden gleam lacquered overlay
  • Tinsel Town, subtle shimmer lacquered overlay with crisp celadon undertones
  • Christmas Town, arich emerald
  • Dream Maker, vibrant navy blue

Each is £16/$18.

I like the crucible eye shadows and the emerald and navy nail polishes.

These products are already available at zuneta.com. You can all see the video about the collection on the website.  Loved he Mikey applied the eye pencil with a brush.

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