Leighton Denny and Rescue Beauty Lounge Nail Polish Collections for SS2011

I can’t say that I was that much into nail polish even 3 years ago. But now, it’s on a brand new level! Can’t say that I am as in love as I am with my makeup but now I see the point of having different shades of the same colours or those colours that I never thought I would wear.

So obviously I am more interested  in nail polish brands now and there are so many that I would love to try. So here are two hight-end nail polish brands which I’ve never tried (yet) and which are loved by the nail polish addicts.

One of them is from the UK and it is called Leighton Denny. The newest collection is called Gelato and in contains the following shades


  • Berry Nice, a lucious raspberry pink; refreshing but oh-so sweet. Perfect for a fun, flirty look.
  • Sundae Girl, candy coloured perfection, this light girly lilac pink is perfect for an alternative French manicure colour.
  • Do Me a Flavour, the brightest, juiciest and most vibrant orange that is perfectly in keeping with the 70`s trends for Spring / Summer 2011
  • Ice To Meet You, a romantic, sheer white with the most subtle golden undertone. The perfect compliment to the catwalk brights this season.
  • Inside Scoop, a cool mint green that is both wearable and bang on trend, for an instant fashion statement.
  • Lolly Pop, strawberries and cream in a polish. This shade flatters all skin tones and will be as popular as strawberry ice cream itself.

Each is 12 ml and retails for £11

There is also a nail polish brand from US that I want to try which is called Rescue Beauty Lounge. Their newest collection is called Iconic/Ironic (LOVE it!) and  includes 4 shades:

  • Recherché, here is a purplish dark brown—a smoky port for when you can’t face another glass of pink champagne.
  • Decorous, so “not your mother’s nude polish”. Imagine if a cup of chai latte had a baby with a malted milkshake. A shimmery cocoa to add a chic suede finish to any outfit.
  • Iconoclast, a richly pigmented ebony with layers of fine glitter, giving it depth and a metallic, mica-like finish. This black really is the new black.
  • Insouciant, this is the toned-down dusty gray lilac of a pressed corsage. Punked out rather than pastel with the faintest hint of shimmer.

Each is $18

I actually love the fact that  there are still so many brands that I haven’t tried, as there is a chance to discover more  amazing products in the future and this is really exciting.

Have you tried LD or RBL? What are your thoughts and favourite shades?

2 thoughts on “Leighton Denny and Rescue Beauty Lounge Nail Polish Collections for SS2011”

  1. Rescue beauty lounge has some really amazing polishes. Also, their owner Ji, is a pretty wonderful woman who gives the company’s fans a lot of power in what the brand is bringing out/remaking.

    Really amazing polish.

    1. Yes, I’ve heard a lot of good things about the company and the owner and this is one more reason why I want to try RBL. Thanks for sharing, Linnea!

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