Venice Collection by Chanel.Fall 2009

details+ photos:

Today I found several posts about collections for Fall 2009 in Russian! So I tranlated the colours for you šŸ˜‰Ā  I already posted some products of Chanel’s collection here. But now enjoy promo photos by Piter Philips. The main topic is Venice and water.

Collection includes:


  1. Irrelle Duo, 780 Acqua Alta
  2. Les 4 Ombres, 160 Murano

Blush and powder

  1. Joues Contraste 580 Fresque(warm apricote)
  2. DouceĀ  380 Peche Caresse; (peach)
  3. Les Tissages,Ā  350 Tweed Sienna

Lipstick Rouge Allure,Ā  new shades

  1. 730 Clan destine, reddish brown
  2. 740 Comedia, pink with blue midtone
  3. 750 Amusing, pink tree
  4. 760 CaptiveĀ  warm golden brown
  5. 770 Intuitive, beige+pink
  6. 780 Instinc tive, light berry

Les Vernis

  1. 499 Gondola, red with purple midtone and golden sparkles
  2. 501 Intermezzo, ivory with pink midtone


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