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Today’s feature is something a bit different. Since quite a few people told me that they’d like to see more personal posts from time to time, here is one. Don’t worry, I’m definitely not going into very personal details, here is just a list of my “to do” things for April. Maybe it will inspire some of you, too.

This month ( March) I went through most of my clothes, re-organized them, decided which pieces I won’t be wearing any more and want to donate etc. And also, my makeup, skincare, body- and haircare are  now so much better organized, although it’s still far from what I’d like.

So here is my list of things that are not work or blog related:

1. Think of a new storage for my  jewellery. I do have quite a few things, and my current storage is “a plain mess”. Do you have any ideas? I would really appreciate them!

Bookshelves inspiration2. I need to get some new shelves to store my books! And I have to  to get rid of some magazines, as it feels like they take most of my flat. I’ve been buying them for years, and almost never threw away. So, just imagine, how many I have. Some of my girlfriends already told me, they’d be happy to help. Yay!

3. As you can see, I am trying to improve my living space. That is why, I also need to go through my  old CD’s and DVD’s and get rid of everything that I don’t need. I have a lot.

4.  I would really love to have a collection of antique forks/ knives/ spoons and some nice china (without the outrageous price tag). I should have put in on my Birthday wish list actually, but it’s too late to think about that now.  I want to improve my cooking skills, and also to have some dinner parties with my friends more often. I just love those!

Dinner parties inspiration food and drinks5. I have to get to the hair dresser. Last time I had my hair did – in December. That’s not even funny.

6. Speaking of beauty. I plan to start laser hair removal course soon. As usual, I should have started it earlier, but was too busy with other things.

7. I have to decide where I want to go for vacation, there are so many variants, not enough time and money.

8.   Although I did say that this list is not work or blog related, here is just one thing that is! I have been wanting to re-design Makeup4all for months now, I better start working on it NOW!

That seems like a lot of things to do, so wish me luck 🙂 And please do share your plans for the next month!

All photos from this post are from Pinterest, so, unfortunately, I can’t credit them properly.


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