Lip Passion Collection by Artdeco. Fall 2009

ARTDECO – Lip Passion

A perfect lip make up is worth a thousand words. Seductively beautiful, it also embodies pure femininity!

ARTDECO Lifting Lip Stylo, € 10.80

The lifting Lip Stylo lays the foundation for long-lasting, brilliant color lip make up this lip primer nourishes and smooths lips with her silky formulation and special anti-aging drugs. Derived from coconut oil Sepilift ® counteracts fine lines and moisturizes. In addition, hyaluronic acid, your lips thanks to its high water binding property looks wonderfully full. From moisture loss keeps Phytosqualan derived from olive oil. Jojoba oil maintains the supple lips while vitamin E protects against damaging environmental influences.

ARTDECO Soft Contour Lip Liner, € 9.50

The Soft Contour Lip Liner combines long-term color with nourishing action. With the pen can be opaque contours apply supple soft. They are waterproof and wischresistent. With the integrated lip brush allows the contour ausschattieren and apply the lipstick professional.

The liner is rich in anti-aging ingredients: Vegetal Filling Spheres ® cushion wrinkles from the inside. Phytosphingosine SLC ® supports collagen synthesis. Hyaluronic acid improves skin elasticity. 3-ceramide lipids contribute smoothing while preserving moisture. The vitamin B5 were found Panthenyl triacetates stimulates cell renewal and improves the water binding capacity of the skin. Vitamin E protects against damaging environmental influences.

ARTDECO Lip Passion Smooth Touch Lipstick, € 10.80

Gently slide the melting texture of Lip Passion Smooth Touch Lipstick on the lips. Fine pigments provide brilliant, even color application of, Cashmere Beige ‘(No. 05) on the seductive, Deep Cranberry’ (No. 15) up to, Violet Plum ‘(No. 47). Shimmering polymers give the color a wonderfully subtle sheen. In addition, protects, smooths and shea butter maintains the delicate lip skin. Vitamin E protects against free radicals. The lipstick is lanolin and perfume.

ARTDECO Glamor Gloss, € 10.80

Effects gives the glamor glamorous gloss. A new technology of tiny particles of gloss reflects light and brings an exciting glow. The lips look visually fuller. In the shades of, glamorous rich Antique Pink ‘(No. 25) up, glamor Rose’ (No. 82). The Lip Gloss contains Vitamin E.

ARTDECO Glossy Lip Finish Source, € 8.50

An intense wet look effect reaches Glossy Lip finish. The transparent gloss makes lips beautifully to bear protects them from drying out and gives each lip make up a perfect radiant finish.

Availability: September 2009


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  1. Hi, Tavia!
    You should check out Artdeco. I am so in love with their eye shadows.

    That sounds cool. Godd luck with your giveaway! I will link to it this Sunday;)

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