Lips Of The Day: BM Beauty Mineral Lip Gloss in Nude

I have promised a lip swatch of one of my favourite lip products  – BM Beauty Mineral Lip Gloss in Nude. So here it is…

BM beauty?! Yes, it is not the brand that you hear about very often.  I was sent some of their products a long time ago, and I felt absolutely in love with the brush and lip gloss (you can read a feature here).

I already wrote about the gloss, so won’t repeat myself, but it really is unlike anything else  that I have.  Maybe it’s because I don’t really have  any experience with mineral indie lip products?!

BM-Beauty-Mineral-Lip-Gloss-in-Nude-Review-and-Swatches1The texture is very unique, in my opinion: light  and non-drying, it feels nice on the lips.   But it’s all about the colour and the effect!

Although it is called “Nude”, it is not one of those horrible concealer-like   shades. It is a gorgeous peachy nude. You can actually see the effect above. As for the finish, it is not shiny or glossy but not matte. Velvet-like, perhaps?

I really wish they had a light cool-toned toned pink gloss with the same effect, too. I would be the first one to buy it. The price is £12 and you can get the gloss from BM Beauty website.



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