L’Occitane Fortune Flowers Collection

The newest launch from L’Occitane, called the Fortune Flowers, offers three limited edition scents:

  • Rose Petals, rose notes with a hint of sugar-coated scent of candied almonds.
  • Date Bouquet,  essence of the this fruit.
  • Mango Flower,  full and zesty aroma, which is a Burkina Faso’s signature scent.

The pattern on each product was inspired by the art of basket waving by women in West Africa, and was created by the brand’s founder –  Olivier Baussan.


This collection includes:

 Shea Butter Hand Cream 30ML for £8

Lip Balm (10% of shea butter) 15ML  for £8.50

Ultra Rich Body Cream 100ML for £16

Ideal for dry to very dry skin, contains 25% of shea butter .

And also a special product which is a  Shea Butter Rose Petal Soap 50g / £3. It is special because 100% of profits  from the sale of this soap will be donated to “NGOs that are improving eye health in the rural communities of developing countries by providing high- quality ophthalmological care.”

I would definitely get the soap as I love L’Occitane soaps anyway and would like to help the case and pretty much everything else.  All three scents sound delicious to me, too.

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