L’Occitane Pivoine Delicate Beauty and Makeup Collection for Spring 2012

Here is a preview of L’Occitane new beauty and makeup collection called Pivoine Delicate which is inspired by Peony flower.

The  beauty collection includes: Eau de Toilette 75ml (£33), Hand Cream 75 ml(£13), and Fresh Mist 50ml (£13).

The makeup collection includes:Eau de Toilette and Gloss duo 2 x 5.5ml (£14),  Brilliant Lip Shine 8ml (£11.50) in Rose Pastel, Rose Frémissant and Beige Gracieux, Lipstick 3.5gr (£12.50) in Brun Discret, Pivoine Délicate and Charmant Corail  and Shimmering Powder 8gr (£22).

I’d love a  Rose Pastel lip gloss (of course),  Fresh Mist and Shimmering Powder.

This collection is out in April!


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