LORAC Makeup Collection for Spring 2012

Why is it that you always want things you can’t have or can’t have that easily?! I am afraid that the same thing works for makeup, too.

Like why do I want all these blushes so much? And why do I want Tarte Spring collection or at least their new glosses?

I am also really loving the new Spring 2012 makeup collection by LORAC. I have never tried anything from the brand but heard a lot of great things about it.

I will not post about the whole collection but just about the things that caught my attention…

Lips with Benefits in Chuck($18), anyone? Karen has a photo of this shade here. Looks beautiful, no?

There are a lot of other shades, too. There are also TANtalizer™ Deep Body Bronzing Luminizer($32) and TANtalizer™ Highlighter & Matte Bronzer Duo($32) available among other things.

I also like the Unzipped palette ($40)

You get 10 x 0.04 oz eye shadows in Undercover (matte nude), Unbelievable (copper shimmer), Unattainable (bronze shimmer), Unconditional (matte fawn), Unbridled (matte merlot), Undiscovered (gold shimmer), Unreal (champagne shimmer), Uncensored (chocolate shimmer), Unspoken (matte sable), Untamed (bordeaux shimmer) and 0.19 oz Behind The Scenes Eye Primer.

 What are you favourite LORAC products? Do you have any recommendations?

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