L’Oreal Chrome Intense Eye Shadows in Cacao Mania. Review and Swatches

I’ve been wanting L’Oreal Infallible Color eye shadows ever since I first heard of them but after this post at Modesty Brown I had to go and buy them. For some reason they were not available at that time so I had to get something else.

What?! I was determined to waste spend some money. This is why I’ve got this yellow lip gloss, Chrome Intense Eye Shadows in Cacao Mania and the most gorgeous blacked red nail polish that I will show you later.

I don’t even remember when I got anything from L’Oreal for the last time so I thought I would try some products.

I have heard some good things about these eye shadows before and since I was really impressed with the swatches I did in store, I’ve chosen shade #184 in Cacao Mania.

I have to say that I am absolutely in love with these eye shadows, they can definitely compete with eye shadows from the luxury brands. Now the price is  only €10.99 but I think it is mostly because of the packaging which looks really cheap. But the products is more important, right?

As I’ve already said, the quality of these eye shadows is amazing, they are very pigmented and buttery, easy to apply and blend. They don’t crease, move or smudge and stay true for the whole day on myself. I am really impressed! I honestly can’t tell the difference between Chrome Intense and more expensive eye shadows.

I like to pair my Cacao Mania with Rouge Bunny Rouge Bejewelled Skylark as it  is a gorgeous combo.

You can see them swatched together on the photo below. The lighter one is L’Oreal and the darker one is RBR.

I would definitely recommend you checking out these eye shadows. And if you are looking for a nice navy blue, you may want to take a look at  #182 Blue Jean.

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