L’Oreal Color Infaillible Eye Shadows in Bronze Divine. Review and Photos

People always ask me what affordable beauty products I would recommend. My current obsessions are Kate Moss Rimmel lipsticks and L’Oreal Color Infaillible Eye Shadows.

Actually I plan to get a new shade of both each month. I could buy them all at once but that’s not fun.

I have already shown you my 006 All Night Blue and  026 Golden Mahogany shades so today I want to show you my latest addition which I’ve got only last week. And while most people won’t want blue or reddish brown, this shade should get a lot of love.

And I am talking about the shade 024 Bronze Divine (I think it has different name in some countries). It is such a beautiful golden khaki.  It is perfection! Just take a look at how gorgeous it looks like:

I will not repeat myself, so  if you want to know more about these eye shadows, click the links to my previous posts.

I just think L’Oreal did such a great job with these, the formula (very creamy powder) is great, it’s easy to apply, looks beautiful and not flat on the eyes and has a great staying power.

Here are the swatches: the blurry one in the day light and  a clear  one with the flash. This way you can actually see the greenish undertones.

And which is your favourite shade from the line? What is a must have in your opinion?

You can buy L’Oreal from Feel UniqueBoots. Ulta, Superdrug,

10 thoughts on “L’Oreal Color Infaillible Eye Shadows in Bronze Divine. Review and Photos”

  1. Is it normal that all the shades that are NOT available in Belgium look the most interesting to me? lol

    This one is more complex than the others of the line. I also like Emerald Lame (which is, as you can guess, not available here lol) a lot, but since there’s nothing I can have that I really think I need, I don’t own any yet. I have swatched them and found the formula impressive though!

    1. Yes, that’s a bit strange that they have different shades/names for different countries… And I am sorry to hear that you can’t buy the shades you like!

  2. Looks lovely! I have the black one and contemplating Sahara Treasure (as well as the white one that’s not available here)!
    Gotta review it at somepoint myself, but, yes, definitely a must-try product!!!


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