L’Oreal Professionnel Sensi Balance Shampoo Review

Long story short – L’Oreal Professionnel Sensi Balance Shampoo is one of the best shampoos I have ever used.

Want to find out why? Then keep on reading.

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First things first, I love the changes that L’Oreal Professionnel made in the shampoos line recently. I love this beautiful clear blue packaging, and  the scent is very lovely. Like, I literally am a big fan.

The product was developed for dry and irritated scalp.  Sorbitol is the ingredient that is used for soothing  the scalp, and while I did not have any major issues, I did find that my scalp did not itch or feel dry afterwards.

On top of it, this shampoo leaves the hair incredibly shiny and soft. As if I’ve just stepped out of a hair salon. I am not even exaggerating, I’ve had a lot of compliments while using it.

I also want to mention the price; this gem is a lot cheaper than Kerastase, for example, which is also from L’Oreal, but I find that it preforms equally great.

I’ve cut the bottle open to make sure I’ve use up every single drop. Would definitely re-purchase, after I try all the other shampoos which are on my “to try” list. You can get yours from Amazon UK and Amazon.

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    1. Hi Julie,
      I am sorry I just saw your comment. I personally liked the scent, not sure how to describe it, though. My association would be a “clean salon hair care” fragrance, if that makes sense.

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