Love the Look: Gucci at Milan Fashion Week

I absolutely love this look Pat McGrath created for Gucci runway at Milan Fashion Week. It is so simple and yet amazing. I even like the clumpy lashes in some way. But the lips… oh the lips, they are gorgeous.

Last week I got myself a very dark matte lipstick and was wearing it to my parent’s. They both had different opinion about it. My Mama said that I looked like a vampire and my Dad though that I looked like an actress. Interesting ideas. As for myself, I love it and I think it looks nice as long as you know how to wear it. Because dark lipstick can really make you look bad if you are not careful with the application.

Here is one more look

I like it much better on Sigrid Agren (first photo) than on Monika.

And what about you? Do you wear dark lips or red is the maximum you can go for?

14 thoughts on “Love the Look: Gucci at Milan Fashion Week”

  1. hmmmm….Lips yes, eyes no!!! Disgarding the clumpyness which is obviously meant but never a good look in my eyes, you can clearly see mascara has transferred onto the eye lid on the right eye! Lips are beautiful but do look a little feathered. As a make up artist i would not be happy with this effort!!

  2. Yes, I wear dark lips, and red, but I think the effect is best with pale skin which I don’t have. The drama is there, for sure, with the minimalist approach to the eyes.

  3. Yes, I wear dark lips and red as well, but I think the look works best with pale skin (which I don’t have). The drama is there, for sure, with these models and their paler skin and minimalist approach to eyes.

      1. That’s ok , Gisele:) I think the key is to choose the right shade for your skin tone. Even these models have different shades of the lipstick, I like the first one better.

  4. The dark lips look nice but I hate the clampy lashes. Sad thing that my tooth are a bit yellow, I can’t wear lipstick.
    The first model is Sigrid Agren

  5. Simply adore it! It’s my idea of the lady-vamp look, and that overdone clumpy lashes are just the right accent to substitute the black eyeliner. Magnificent!

    1. Hi Jodie,
      Here is hot to create the lip look:
      – Use Colour Elixir Lip Liner in Mauve Mistress to
      outline lips
      – Apply Colour Elixir in Mulberry across entire lips
      – Dab the Ruby Tuesday shade onto inner lips
      – Finish with Max Colour Effect Lipgloss in Ivory.
      All products are from Max Factor.

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