Love the Look: Rouge Bunny Rouge Raven. Create It Yourself!

Although I’ve alredy posted about the new products from Rouge Bunny Rouge here is their latest look. And this is their best look so far!  Bleached eye brows and black glossy eyes are a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

I personally wouldn’t  bleach my eye brows this much and would use a pale pink lipstick with blue undertone instead of nude. But I totally love the look and would love to wear something similar to an appropriate occasion. And I would really love to try the RBR eye gloss,  I hope it’s as goos as the other RBR products that I’ve tried.

And here is the step by step tutorial from the brand on how to create this look!

Raven Blaze focuses on a very sleek look for your eyes, lips and all over your body, and is perfectly in line with the latest runway trends. To capture the blaze, contrast is all-important – the challenging appearance arises from the dramatic lacquered black eyes and the gracile porcelain taint.


Begin with our water-based Aqua Primer, which contains a plethora of active ingredients and is so light and refreshing on your skin that you will feel yourself floating away while priming your face for the following .The mixture of our versatile Highlighting LiquidSea of Clouds’ and our light, gently Tinted Moisturiser ‘Adansonia’ can then be used for the complete face, neck and body, to cover the skin in a juicy veil of illumination. ‘Adansonia´s’ light, gentle hues dissolve into your skin, to even out skin tone and to hide minor blemishes while maintaining a soft, breathable feel. The moisturising surge of liquid pearls in our ‘Sea of Clouds’ spreads a lustre anywhere you choose.


The charcoal-dust black Long-lasting Eye Shadow ‘Volcano Fairy-wren’ combined with the finest, warm-golden glossiness, Eye Gloss (‘Nymph’s Tickles’) creates a “wow factor” in eye make-up colour. ‘Volcano Fairy-wren’ applied on the eye lids up to the crease and underneath the lower lash lines, can be topped with the Eye Gloss to achieve a lacquered effect. Then rim your inner eyelids with our creamy black Eye Khol ‘Salome’ and add multiple coats of our Modelling Mascara ‘Midnight’ to get the full effect of sleek, smoky eyes.

If you prefer a more vinyl than glossy look on your eyes we suggest our new Lacquer Eyeliner which shows off the effect of a seamlessly lucent line, for a unique interpretation of light and dark while a high percentage of carbon black pigments guarantees the most intense black, imparting a deep and lustrous finish with extreme.


A slightly glossy, natural tanned nude-beige like our Sheer Lipstick ‘Perfume of his Gaze’ is a must for the Raven. Blaze make-up as the lips should look healthy with just a hint of colour to increase the contrast between the dark eyes and the slightly shimmering skin and lips.

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