Luce Makeup Collection by Armani for Spring 2012

We continue  our preview of the Spring 2012 collections. And today we will take a look at Giorgio Armani’s  Luce makeup collection.

The face of the collection is Megan Fox and I really love the makeup she is wearing, so fresh and pretty!

Linda Cantello on the  collection: “The darkness of winter becomes the glowing light at spring.”

This collection is about the pastels, as well. It is inspired by Mr. Armani’s love of light.

This collection includes:

Eye Palette 1 Pearl Violet Jade Green Sheer Gold Greige, £49.50

Eye Palette 2 Grey Metal Fibre Copper Pigment Crystal Brown, £49.50

Sheer Blush in Tourmaline £40.00

Eye Pencils in  n°4 Or Antique and n°5 Copper, £18.00

Gloss d’Armani  in Beige 105, Rouge 405, Brown 201, Pink 508, £23.50

Launches Nationwide 5th January 2012

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