Lumene Soft Touch Hydrating Toner Review

I have already mentioned the I am very pro-toner! And, although, skincare is something that I personally don’t mind investing in, I perfectly understand that not everyone wants/can.

This is why I have been on a mission to find   good toners that won’t break the bank. I have already featured one of them from Yves Rocher.

And today I’d like to share about my other discovery – Lumene Soft Touch Hydrating Toner.

Lumene Soft Touch Hydrating Toner ReviewBeing a Finnish brad,  it  made me have big hopes about this product, and I wasn’t let down.

As the name suggests, this product is soft and hydrating, it is not a plain liquid, it is like a mix between toner and a lotion, in my opinion. It feels gentle on the skin, and I can tell that it definitely is not just “another” step in the routine. It does make a difference!

I I find that it makes the skin smoother and more hydrated, and ready for serum/oil/cream/whatever you are using.

The product also smells nice, and due to the consistency a little goes a long way, I have been using this toner for over a month now, and only about 1/4 of it is gone.

Here is the list of the ingredients:

Lumene Soft Touch Hydrating Toner Review ingredientsI don’t remember the exact price because I was getting a lot of products that day, but it was definitely not expensive. So, if you have dry skin, and want to buy an affordable toner that will make a difference – try this one.

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