Luna Twilight Beauty: Are You Team Edward or Jacob?

Somehow on Friday I found myself watching the Twilight films. After watching 2 of them I had to read the books because everyone kept telling me that they are much better.

Also yesterday I’ve seen Eclipse at the movies and I have to say that I liked it! Now I just need to read the 3rd and  the 4th books 🙂

In general, I think those are nice books/films if you want to relax and don’t want to think too much, also if you don’t mind vampires, werewolves and , of course, love.

Not bad  at all and I understand why there are so many fans of Twilight. I could become one, too, if only I read it at my teenage years 😉 But even now I liked it ,lol

Of course, there are a lot of beauty items with Twilight theme, as you can guess. I’ve already wrote about some collections(Luna Twilight and Volture Twilight and Essence Twilight collection) but there are 2 more palettes that are available at Nordstorm for $28. And here is the most important question:

Are you team Edward or Jacob?

Luna Twilight Team Edward  Color Palette

Whose team are you on? This other-worldly palette of cool eyeshadows and lip gloss reflects the mind-reading, devastatingly beautiful presence of your favorite vampire, Edward Cullen. Team Edward!

Luna Twilight Team Jacob  Color Palette

Whose team are you on? This sizzling palette of warm eyeshadows and lip gloss reflects the impulsive, strong-willed nature of your favorite werewolf, Jacob Black. Team Jacob!

So tell me all your thoughts! Do you like the palettes? Do you like Twilight or you think it’s only for teenagers? And who is your fave character?

4 thoughts on “Luna Twilight Beauty: Are You Team Edward or Jacob?”

  1. Ive only watched the first film. May watch the second some time. Cant say im really into the movies. I do like the Jacob pallette though 🙂

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