Lush Olive Brunch Shower Gel Review

Remember my post about Lush’s shower gels in which I’ve promised myself to buy The Olive Brunch and  Flying Fox?

I did get The Olive Brunch, and, in fact, already used it up. I somehow can’t find the photo I took, and since I already threw the bottle away, have to use the stock photo, so please excuse that.

Lush Olive Brunch Shower Gel Review

Lush are so right about  calling their shower gel “Mediterranean” (read sunshine & sun), that is exactly what it is!  A blend of mandarins, bergamot oil, vine leaves and Fair Trade olive oil.

Not only it smells amazing, and rather natural, especially compared to other Lush scents (which I personally love but others often find too strong) but if feels great on the skin.  It is non-drying and gentle, moreover, it makes the skin softer. And is not greasy or sticky, even though it contains oil.  Some may even find the formula to be runny, but I like it.  Just make sure that you shake the bottle before using to mix the oil with other ingredients.

Lush actually suggest that you can use it on hair, as well. But I’ve personally never tried.

The fact that I’ve used it up  so quickly, especially considering how many other shower gels I have, speaks for itself.  I also think that I will re-purchase it at some point, too.

In my opinion, this is one of the best products from Lush.

The price is £4.50 for 100g

Flying Fox, here I come 😉


2 thoughts on “Lush Olive Brunch Shower Gel Review”

  1. Olive Branch is one of the very few scents that’s olfactorily pleasing in the whole store. Interesting, I never thought about using it as a shampoo, but now I know about it…heheheh

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