Lush Rose Jam Shower Gel Review. Rave

I’ve found a new love – Lush Rose Jam  Shower Gel.

I love rose scented products, my favourite has to be Jo Malone’s Red Roses (cologne and candle) 

And I’ve found a shower gel that is equally amazing! It is a sweet and mesmerizing scent of rose jam that makes me think of childhood, since my Grandma used to make it.

Lush Rose Jam Rose Jam  ReviewNot only it smells divine (Turkish rose and vanilla), I literally couldn’t get out of the shower today, but it is also non-drying, infused with goji berry juice, argan oil and geranium oil.

Lush Rose Jam Rose Jam  Review ingredients The price is £4.65 for 100 g. But there is  one thing that I don’t like – this is s Limited Edition products, so I’ll have to stock up.

Why do all the best things come as LE?

Btw, I also plan to go back to Lush and get their Grass shower gel, if it smells anything like real grass – I’ll be no 1 fan, since I’ve always wanted a beauty product that smells like freshly cut grass, since it is one of my favourite scents in the World.

And here is the list of the ingredients.

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