LUSH Rub Rub Rub and Glögg Review and Photos

I haven’t been to LUSH in some time so I’ve decided to go and get something as a part of my Birthday treat. I’ve picked up one Christmas set with a big discount (obviously) and Rub Rub Rub.

I haven’t tried  the Northern Lights soap yet but I’ve used other products several times already and want to share my opinion.

Rub Rub Rub

I personally really loved this scrub as it is such a multi-purpose product. You can use it as a scrub on a dry body, mixed with water as a scrubbing shower gel for a more gentle effect or as… shampoo!

Although it does say that you can use it on your hair I don’t think I would ever do it unless a recommendation from a friend. And, wow, I was actually really impressed with the results.

Actually when I’ve asked a lady at LUSH for her favourite product – she pointed at Rub Rub Rub. And it is lovely. Leaves the body soft and clean when used as a scrub and leaves the hair shiny and light when used as a shampoo.

The only minus is that it won’t last you for a very long time. I am through half of the bottle in less than a month. I will definitely re-purchase this product at some point.

Do you have a  Lush scrub recommendations?


This is actually a seasonal shower gel but I guess you can still find it in some LUSH stores, at least as a part of the Christmas gifts if any are still left.

It is inspired by Swedish Glogg drink. This shower gel has a spicy scent which reminds me of mulled wine with cinnamon and orange. Although I love using it now, I think it’s a perfect scent for winter and holidays, so warm and ‘cozy’ and definitely lifts the spirit!

I think I will be back at LUSH again soon. What would you recommend?! What are your all time favourite products from them?

I don’t remember the exact price of each product but you can check out at LUSH website.

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