Make-Up Art Cosmetics by MAC. As Seen By Maira Kalman

MAC Make-Up Art  Maira Kalman

Collection Make-Up Art Cosmetics by MAC is divided into 3 parts and is alredy available online. This is a As Seen By Maira Kalman Collection(Illustrator)

Famous for her whimsical visual diaries, Maira Kalman performed a bit of magic with M·A·C’s new Technakohl Eye Liners and Eye Shadows, instantly drafting a captivating look at a stranger. Cheeky, witty, always amusing, Maira’s illustrations are cute and colourful, wonderfully child-like, playful…and sophisticated all at once. Warm and eccentric at the same time, Maira’s faces are full of cock-eyed optimism, with the tiniest smidge of city-girl-snobbism…simply, scrumptiously, stupendously sublime!

Eyeshadow ($14.50 U.S. / $17.00 CDN)

Off the Page Dirty mustard orange ( Frost)

Maira’s Magic Yellow pink ( Satin)


Crest the Wave Rich yellow (Frost)

Haunting Light turquoise blue (Satin)

Purple Shower Dirty blue pink (Satin)

Violet Trance Deep blue purple (Matte)

Technakohl Liner ($14.50 U.S. / $17.50 CDN)

  1. Colour Matters Bright lime
  2. Obviously Orange Dirty coral
  3. Artistic License Bright turquoise blue
  4. Full of Fuchsia Deep blue magenta
  5. Graphblack Rich graphic black (Permanent)

mac-maira kalman

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