Make Up For Ever Aqua Liners and Color Cream

Make Up For Ever launches (or already launched in some case) several new exciting products this Spring and I’ve picked those that I personally want to try.

First of all there are new Aqua Liners in 15 shades (from gold to green and from turquoise to burgundy) which are launching soon and I’ve scanned a promo image for you to enjoy.

It looks like it has the same applicator as the amazing Precision liners from Illamsqua which I like so much so I would really love to take a look at those. Plus aming 15 colours I am sure there is a shade for everyone. But I am personally thinking about green or turquoise.

There other product that I would like to try is the Color Cream which is described as an ultra-pigmented color cream in a pump-bottle which allows  to evenly apply radiant make-up to the face, body and hair.  The colours are said to dry and blend easily.

There are so many colours to choose from:

501 – White,523 – Pearly White, 503 – Beige,522 – Gold, 504 – Yellow,505 – Orange, 517 – Copper,516 – Pink Copper, 508 – Fuchsia,524 – Pearly Pink, 506 – Warm Red, 507 – Cold Red, 518 – Rust, 520 – Wine,519 – Brown,509 – Purple, 525 – Pearly Violin, 513 – Pistachio, 514 – Leaf Green, 515 – Green Tree, 512 – Bluish Green,527 – Pearly Turquoise,526 – Pearly Blue, 511 – Blue, 510 – Dark Blue, 521 – Silver

I’d like the idea of them all but if I could get only one – that would be 527 – Pearly Turquoise probably.


6 thoughts on “Make Up For Ever Aqua Liners and Color Cream”

  1. Oh gosh! I love the picture on the poster! Makes me want that shade of green. Heaven only knows if/when we’ll get them here and if I’ll ever see them because MUFE is so darned hard to get to for me!

  2. Hi,
    I’m testing all 15 shades of aqua liner here in Belgium and they are everything they promise to be. Easy application, great colour pay-off and amazing colours! I especially love the gold one, which gives a vivid, high shine yellow-golden result, I havn’t seen before in an eyeliner. They stay on perfectly and dry very fast.

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