Make Up For Ever Eye Shadows Review, Photos and Swatches

I have  got these eye shadows last May so I am not sure why I am writing about them only now. But it is better late then never.  Rejoice lovers of bright summer makeup looks as this post is for you!

I have picked my shadows at US Sephora for $19 each (they cost £14.95 in the UK).

The shades that I have chosen are:

  • Yellow 2 (matte brilliant yellow)
  • Orange Coral Matte 5 (matte vibrant coral)
  • Apple Green 91 (matte bright yellow green)

And I would love  even more shades for e.g  Neon Pink 75 (bright fuchsia pink), Turquoise Matte 72 (matte vibrant turquoise), Matte Blue 159, Purple 92 (matte brilliant purple) and many, many more.

I know that  a lot of people are scared of such colours but there is no reason to be!  I find that if the rest of your face is natural you can easily pull off any of the shades that I have. I love encouraging  my friends to try bold colours and I would love to encourage my readers as well! After all, it is just makeup and you can always take it off!

This is how the eye shadows look like in the pans.

So now I will tell you about each shade in more details and will let you know my opinion about the MUFE eye shadows in general.

#5 Coral Orange

It is my favourite, I adore this  shade. I love using it on the eyes with a shimmering bronze shadows, it looks stunning. I also use it as a blush, but very lightly obviously.

#91 Green Apple

This is such a beautiful matte green, it looks like a very “spring” colour to me. I love using it with dark blue and black.

#2 Matte Yellow

I really should have got the other shade as  I have a very similar eye shadow from Inglot, not that they are identical but you can’t really see the difference on the eye (see my swatches below).

I like the texture of the eye shadows and I don’t really have any problems with blending plus they don’t really create any mess. The colour pay off is amazing as you can see for yourself. There is a huge range of colours and textures so that everyone can find a perfect shade!

The only thing that I don’t like is the price.  It is not that expensive to get like 1-5 eye shadows but if you are getting  10 for e.g. it’s $190/ £149.5 and I perfectly understand that not everyone can pay such price. Especially if you are getting “fun” shades that you won’t be using everyday.

I would recommend getting the most unique eye shadows and get them in refills with and an empty palette (they have different empty palettes) so that you can save some money.

To tell the truth, I ‘d love to have ALL of the eye shadows, if only I could afford spending so much.  But why only the eye shadows, the whole MUFE range 😉

So tell me, do you wear bright eye shadows? What is your favourite bold colour to wear?

2 thoughts on “Make Up For Ever Eye Shadows Review, Photos and Swatches”

  1. They do look gorgeous! <3
    A friend of mine has this yellow eyeshadow and it's stunning! Color payoff is just WOW! Something like Inglot but more expensive 🙂

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