Make-Up Secrets book by Jemma Kidd

Makeup book written by a Top Make-Up Artist is an absolute must-have for all the aspiring Make-Up Artists and women who want to make the most out of the way they look! Such books are usually a big inspiration as they are full of beautiful photos, gorgeous makeup looks and useful tips.

This is why I am excited about the new Make-Up Secrets book by Jemma Kidd.

Here is what Jemma says about the book herself

“Make-Up Secrets” is divided into two parts:

Part 1, ‘Making Make-Up Work for You’

In this part Jemma shows how to make “the most of your looks”. She also shows how to create some of the iconic looks from Audrey Hepburn to Brigitte Bardot.

Part 2, ‘Problem Solver’

In this part Jemma talks about  skincare in general and such things as blemishes, dull skin, eye bags, how to combat the damaging effects of the sun and cold weather etc. There is also a  ‘Stop the Clock’ section with the “fail-safe five-minute make-up regimes” for when you are running late.

Although I haven’t seen this book, it sounds like a nice one and may be a great option for a Christmas present. Make-Up Secrets is 280 X 235, 224 PP.

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