Makeup & Beauty Products for Two Weeks Away

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I am currently away for the second week. Unfortunately, I am busy from dusk till dawn but I do appreciate the productive working time.

Here is a sneak preview of what I’ve packed makeup and beauty wise with me. I was very strict with myself, and limited it all to one (no7 Boots)  travel makeup bag.

Here is what makeup I had with me. All products from my current top 5  luxury makeup favourites post, a lot of Rouge Bunny Rouge products, as I plan to write a feature for the brand soon,  three blushes (I ended up using only tarte) and three lip shades, inducing my Tom Ford lipstick.

Makeup and beauty travel makeup bag makeup4all may

As for skincare, this is not everything that I had with me pictured below (body products and all the small samples were kept separately). Thank goodness for small bottles and pots, I’ve de-potted a lot of creams, toners and cleansers into those.

So, basically, the only full sized products that I had with me were deodorant, perfume (my favourite) , hair shine serum and a toothpaste which is just the best.

Makeup and beauty travel makeup bag makeup4all may 1

Here is an overview of everything, please excuse the untidy appearance.

I am actually proud that I took so few, in my opinion, products for two weeks. Of course, I could take less makeup, but I wanted to have some options.

Makeup and beauty travel makeup bag makeup4all may 2



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  1. That’s pretty impressive! All your toiletries fit into one bag. I’m usually indecisive and end up bring a few toiletry bags. For me, it’s stripping down that’s hard.

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