Makeup Inspiration: Natasha Poly, January Jones, Ginnifer Goodwin

Here are just several looks that I really liked recently. I could have posted so many but I’ve decided to limit myself with three images.

The first one is the bronzed and flawless look Natasha Poly is wearing, it is so simple and yet stunning, perfect for summer!

The second is the look Ginnifer Goodwin  wore to the MET 2011. There were several looks that I really loved but this one really caught my attention. I love the accent of the turquoise eye shadow in the inner corner of the eye, looks so fresh and original, really makes her stand out of of all those neutral  and often boring makeup looks. Everything else is perfect as well: groomed eye brows, beautiful lip gloss and a nice touch of blusher.

The last look features January Jones (who is pregnant now, did you know?) on the cover on the W Magazine. I guess this look caught my attention because it is unusual to see her with such makeup on. But it seems that no matter what kind of makeup she is wearing  – she always looks sexey!

By the way, I just can’t wait for Mad Men season 5 to start but I’ve read only yesterday that they did no even start filming, what a shame!

So what kind of look inspired you lately? Do you like the looks I’ve chosen? Are you waiting for Mad Men 5 as much as I am?

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