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Last week a had a shock when I found out that Ikea discontinued Fira (can’t believe that I found out only now but it’s been forever since I’ve been there for the last time).  And right now I don’t have an opportunity to visit Muji in store to find what similar organizers they have. And it’s quite challenging to look for such organizer on-line.

I wanted to get this variant

And here is what I am looking for:

I need a small wooden (or acrylic) chest drawers (something similar to Fira) to store the makeup that I use daily. I mean only my most popular makeup because I so tired of finding it all over the place. The makeup that I don’t reach for that often or use only for work is well organized. But my personal favourites are a total mess. And this is also the reason why I’ve lost several products recently.

I would really appreciate if you can help me with this, you are more than welcome to give the link to your post if you have a similar storage solution or to the online shop  where I can get something similar. Or you can just tell the name because I am not even sure what to look for! :insert sad face here:

This month I’ll be travelling quite a lot (mostly for work) and I am extremely busy so my disorganized makeup annoys me even more than usual. And I must solve this situation as soon as possible! Besides I am writing a  beauty wish list for Holiday now 😉

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  1. stavroula plag: she wrote that ikea discontinued it.

    i luckily already have 4 of these to store my make up, but as my collection grows and grows i went to ikea last weekend and also sadly recognized that they don’t stock it anymore… i wanted to buy 2-3 more of them. although it is really annoying to put them together (SO many nails!) they are the perfect organizer for your make up, and you can customize them.

    i know it doesn’t help you as you can’t get them anymore 🙁

    i’m just hoping ikea will bring them back, or re-design them in a similar, but better version. can’t understand why they d/c them…

    oh, but maybe you can find them already customised on etsy/dawanda/ebay. they cost a bit more, but some have really cute designs!

    or there is the muji online store, or this clear cube thing, that is really expensive.

    1. Hi,ketoglutarat.
      I also hope that they will come up with something better. I have no idea why I didn’t get it last time. I know that Muji has an online shop but I really wish I could see the orgazinzer myself before bying or at least on someone’s photo. Heh, will try to find something as soon as possible. Thank you for comment!

  2. Maybe Ikea will be bringing out something similar soon? I used to have a cardboard version of Fira in white and blue when I was a teenager. Or maybe you could find something in stores like Office Depot? xxx

  3. Why don’t you just but the drawers/organizersyou want and have somebody (or you) sand a little bit off the top and they will look just like the ones you wanted, this will especially look natural on unfinished wood.
    And when all else fails the container store and even walmart has some pretty good ideas.

  4. If you need something to store the makeup that you use daily – I recently stumbled upon really cool cosmetic organizers on etsy: – never have seen something like that before. These are wooden organizers to put in eyeliners, lipsticks, brushes… hope this helps:) xxx

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