Makeup Trend: Eye Gloss

I have always been a fan of glossy eye lids, and it is kinda cool to see that  it is a big trend now.  Here is a look I have created with the Rouge Bunny Rouge eye gloss back in 2012.  If you haven’t tried the glossy eye lid look, definitely do, it is so effortless, fun and sexy. Sounds like such a cliche thing which is said about every “trend”, but in this case it really is all of that.

You can always get the RBR or MAC eye glosses. Or try the new options. And now it is very easy to get the one you like, considering that even such brands as Bobbi Brown and YSL now have them.

Bobbi Brown just launched three  shades (£19.50 from Harvey Nichols and $28 from Barneys), and they will be a huge hit, for sure. You can choose from Beach Nude, Island Pink and Nude.  YSL offer just a clear option Yves Saint Laurent Eye Gloss Smudger ($30 from Nordstrom).

But if you want a colourful eye gloss, and from a more niche brand, I’ve got you covered, too. Here are three options for your consideration.

The product that I am personally very intrigued by is MILK’s  Eye Vinyl ($20 from Sephora). It comes in four shades: Light Rail – iridescent lilac, Bridge – nude,  Valet – purple and Tunnel – black.

Another option is, as seen in Lisa Eldrige’s tutorial is Jilian Dempsey Lid TintSatin Eye Shadow (get it from Amazon). Shades you can get are: Bronze, Lilac, Peach, Plum, Smoke and Dew.

Finally, butterLONDON offer such a big variety of shades, and they all look gorgeous Glazen Eye Gloss ($24 from Nordstrom and Amazon):

  • Mermaid, A Sparkling Icy Grey Eye Gloss With Blue Shimmer.
  • Moonshine, A Cool Sparkling Taupe Eye Gloss.
  • Gloss Icing, A Cool Sparkling Mauve Eye Gloss.
  • Oil Slick, A Sparkling Chameleon Eye Gloss.
  • Spark, A Warm Sparkling Champagne Eye Gloss.
  • Frosted, A Warm Sparkling Rose Gold Eye Gloss.
  • Bronzed,A Rich Sparkling Deep Bronze Eye Gloss.

Happy Playing! And you can follow me on Pinterest for more makeup inspiration, and not only. All the looks shown in this post I’ve found there, and it is easily my favourite Platform.

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