Makeup4all Loves: Bade Anstalten Soaps

New week, new Makeup4all loves feature? This is all because lately I only want to share about the products which I do enjoy using. Hence today I am bringing you a review of a soap that I think is worth your attention. Can anything be more dull than soap, I can hear you asking… True! But hear me out.

With all the hand washing in the recent environment we all want something gentle and non-drying. So here is my personal discovery of 2021. Bade Anstalten soaps! I loved them so much that I had to repurchase straight away, as you can see. And with such
a variety of products on the market this kind of commitments means a lot.

Please meet the brand’s Cucumber and Mint Liquid Soap. I have bought loads of Danish beauty products recently, including from this brand, and have to say that it is the soaps that really stood out.

So what is so special about this particular product?

One of the main ingredients is saponified coconut oil which makes it so silky and delicate. In my experience, and I have very dry skin, this formula is the closet to non-drying I’ve am ever come across by.

There are several different scents (White Tea and Activated Coal) but I was really drawn to Cucumber and Mint, as it is pretty unique. Think of a delicate and not in-your-face kind of fragrance.

Besides the liquid cleanser, Bade Anstalten also offer solid bars and Saltbars. And the Saltbars are something else. I’ve had both Frozen Moon (forgot to take a photo while I still had it) and Carbon & Diamonds.

The brand describe their Saltbar as a product with an “emollient properties as bath salts and mild cleansing properties”. And that is exactly spot on. I never wash my face with a bar of soap but I found Saltbar so gentle and soothing that it was a pleasure to use. I’ve also got one for my Mum, and she asked if she could have another one, as she loved it so much herself.

Frozen Moon has a lavender scent and Carbon & Diamonds smells of orange and sandalwood.

Last, but certainly not least, I appreciate the clean and sleek Scandinavian design of the brand. Give me anything Danish, and I am happy.

The prices are €16.75 for a liquid soap and €10 from the website for a saltbar which, I think, for the quality you get is a pretty good deal!

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