Makeup4all Loves: Korres Black Sugar Showergel

I am a big fan of Korres shower gels and have been using them for years already. This is why today I want to share with you my love for their Black Sugar shower gel.

It smells divine. I do love a shower, and, as corny as it sounds, but for me it is not just about cleansing but also about time of recharging. Insert some “body care is self care” cringe-worthy slogans here.

I hate having too many similar products at the same time, as I do not like clutter. However, I have to have a few shower/bath/body products at the same time to switch them depending on my mood.

I have to admit that I was reaching for this shower gel more often than any other ones I’ve got. If I had to describe it in one word – that’d be “intoxicating”. It’s a warm and sweet fragrance with the top notes of oriental lily, caramel and heliotrope, heart notes of rose, black sugar and brazilin rosewood and, finally, base notes of amber, vanilla bean and tonka bean. Black sugar is decadent and indulgent, it is a perfect aroma for AW months.

The only thing with Korres shower gels is that they discontinue them and bring new ones all the time. As I am writing this I can barely find this range on any websites (but I did see a few around). However, you can get Black Sugar perfume. Plus, the brand have so many other amazing shower gels.

The regular price is £14 which is a great price (but you can often get it cheaper), if you ask me. Not all people want to use the first best under-a-fiver body cleanser they see but not everyone would be willing to pay silly money either. So, if you are looking for a treat which won’t break the bank – Korres have got your back!

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