Makeup4all Recommends: Aesop Poo Drops

Aesop is, hands down, one of the coolest brands out there.

Who doesn’t love their apothecary style chic bottles and the most original and incredible scents?

And today I want to tell you about one of their really cool products – Poo Drops. 

If you, like me, hate those cheap and horrendous aerosols – keep on reading.

Not only it looks absolutely beautiful, clean label and stylish brown glass bottle, it also smells incredible, and, as the name suggests, masks the unwanted “scents” in the loo.

Think  citrus (tangerine and mandarin peel) and ylang ylang.

All you need is drop 2-3 drops in the toilet after you’ve done the business, and also a few in the basin, if you want to. And that’s all you need.

This is why a 100 ml bottle will last you for a long time. We’ve had ours for almost a year now, an it’s still not empty.

Brilliant product, Aesop, as always.

I would definitely recommend it, one of our favourite home puchases.

You can get yours for £20 from Cult Beauty, Selfridges, Liberty London

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